Albedo Telecom Introduces xGenius

Albedo Telecom have introduced the xGenius a new addition to the popular and cost effective
Ether.Genius product range. xGenius is a handheld transmission and synchronization tester equipped with multiple network interfaces and a large 8-inch colour touch screen.

The unit can test Ethernet/IP networks up to 10 Gb/s while supporting master/slave Sync-E/PTP emulation. xGenius is also equipped with T1/E1 and clock analysis features (2048 kHz, 1544 kHz, 10 MHz, 1 PPS) providing BER/RFC254/eSAM, Freq./Phase, PDV, TE/TIE/MTIE/TDEV results essential both for commissioning and troubleshooting applications in the field or equipment benchmarking in the lab.

The GPS/GLONASS/Beidou/Galileo built-in receiver provides the highest accuracy level for timing applications. The internal Rubidium timing source keeps precise time and frequency even when GNSS reference is not available.

For more information go to the xGenius product page on our website



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