MetaGeek Chanalyzer Software v5.9 Now Available

MetaGeek have released the latest version of Chanalyzer software, version 5.9. This new version adds a few new features was well as fixing some bugs. If you already have Metacare for your Chanalyzer software then you can upgrade to this new version, however if your Metacare has expired and you would like to get the new version then you can buy Metacare on our E-Shop.

New Features

  • Added Support for Cisco 2800 and Cisco 3800 Access Points (Cisco CleanAir® module required).
  • Improved performance when the time window is larger than 5 minutes and there are a lot of WiFi networks.
  • Massive performance improvement when dragging the time window around on the playback waterfall.

Bug Fixes

  • Chanalyzer now remembers what Color Scheme you were using before you upgraded.

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