WiFi Management Toolkit for Service Provider Field Technicians

inSSIDer Technician is a new solution from MetaGeek that helps technicians deploy, troubleshoot and optimise wireless networks.

Visualisation of Wi-Fi environments not only allows technicians to setup Wi-Fi correctly the first time, but also serves as a powerful tool to help customers understand their Wi-Fi environment and how it may be optimised.

Available as either a Windows application or a an Android Mobile app, Wi-Fi scan data is delivered to a secure cloud database and can be integrated into internal systems via a RESTful API, allowing for greater visibility into customer Wi-Fi environments.

View WiFi in Real Time

Diagnosing wireless issues is difficult to do, especially if you do not have a way to accurately visualise current conditions. inSSIDer Technician scans the wireless environment and displays real-time network and RF data, equipping you with what you need to locate trouble areas, diagnose issues, and verify coverage.

Detect Non-WiFi Interference

When it comes to the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, WiFi devices have to share the airspace; microwave ovens, cordless telephones, LCD displays, baby monitors, and poorly shielded cabling can use the same space and impact WiFi performance. Pairing the Wi-Spy spectrum analyzer with inSSIDer Technician gives you a full view of the spectrum so you can detect and mitigate non-WiFi interference.

Conduct Throughput Tests

WiFi is great for extending a network where wires cannot reach and for supporting devices that are on the move, but oftentimes wireless users may not be getting the speeds they expect. Throughput testing is intertwined into the inSSIDer Technician platform, allowing you to see how customers experience WiFi and gives you another tool to improve their experience.

Evaluate Network Performance

ISP customers have high expectations for their WiFi, which makes installing WiFi correctly the first time all the more important. inSSIDer Technician lets you scan various locations and analyse critical signal strength, channel congestion, and throughput data so you can optimise network performance right from the start.

Improve WiFi QoE

Network room scans show you which performance points look good and which look bad, but then what? The summary section highlights issues that are discovered while performing room scans and provides expert recommendations on how to resolve them, allowing you to optimise your customer’s WiFi experience.

Gain Insights Into Field Operations

Service Providers don’t usually have much visibility into their customers’ wireless environments, making it difficult to understand their conditions and to provide great customer support. With inSSIDer Technician, network scans taken during onsite visits are pushed to a secure cloud database where data can be further assessed, providing valuable insights into typical customer trouble areas and helping inform process improvements.

Tackle Advanced Issue Escalations

Sometimes troubleshooting WiFi issues calls for a more powerful tool in order to effectively get to the root of the problem. The desktop companion for inSSIDer Technician provides you with a deep-dive look into the wireless environment so you can find and resolve the most elusive of issues.

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