Eye P.A Version 2.0 with 802.11ac Packet Capture Support

MetaGeek’s Eye P.A Version 2.0 release is now available with native 802.11ac Packet Capture Support.

Using an approved USB Wi-Fi adapter it is now possible to capture 802.11ac packets directly into Eye P.A and use the multi-layer pie charts to visualise network traffic.  Eye P.A allows you to quickly view airtime utilisation for all access points, client devices, and packet types transmitted on a selected channel. With just a few clicks, you can identify problematic devices without sifting through hundreds of lines of packet data.

In addition to 802.11ac Packet Capture Eye P.A Version 2.0 opens cap files up to five times faster than previously and has an improved user interface to help diagnose WiFi issues faster.


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